Good entertainment

Culture is of high priority in Gaggenau. Compared to its size, our town offers a remarkably wide range of cultural events for every interest. From the > small museum of local history to the regionally known festivals such as the > Festival in the spa gardens or the > Village festival in Michelbach there is an extensive variety of offers for young and old people. For sure you will also find something you like.

The > "klag stage2 for example, which is known far beyond the city’s limits, makes Gaggenau buzzing with culture each year. Roughly three dozen events with music, cabaret, comedy and theater provide a lot of entertainment.

Small but nice and extremely popular with the interested audience are the > Nights of performing arts which take place each year in June on the area of the > castle Rotenfels. In a castle tent the current and past winners of the prize of performing arts in Baden-Württemberg show you how creative they can be with culture.

The events of the > Culture ring Gaggenau are also always well attended. There are several different events such as concerts and evenings of chamber music, exciting lectures about distant countries, nature and about our home country and even educational trips of several days to culturally important cities.

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