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Bürgerbüro mit Stadt-Info
Tanja Riedinger
Hauptstraße 71
76571 Gaggenau
Telefon: 07225 / 962-444
Fax: 07225 / 962-445


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The best of Gaggenau is its picturesque landscape which offers attractive possibilities for relaxing. In no time you are in the country and can hike through forests, get a refreshing bath in one of the five public pools or do all types of sport.
Besides an extensive hiking trail net of over 500 km you can also find marked mountain bike routes of approximately 800 km. As a biking fan you can experience on the “Tour de Murg” how the river Murg takes its way through the valley from Freudenstadt to Gaggenau until reaching nearly the Rhine.

The Margravial castle “Rotenfels”, which serves today as State Academy for school art, school and amateur theater, is another place of interest. In the well-kept spa gardens of Bad Rotenfels and on the “Margrave Wilhelm” paths you can find extraordinary possibilities for hiking.

A special attraction for the whole region is the Unimog museum. For over 50 years the phrase “Gaggenau is Unimog, Unimog is Gaggenau” has been true until the vehicle production was relocated to Wörth in 2002. But the love to the Unimog is still alive and can be experienced in the museum.

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