Gaggenau - a strong profile

Surrounded by the beautiful natural park Black Forest Center/North and embedded in the idyllic valley of the river Murg which crosses the city – these are the topographic characteristics of Gaggenau. But our city can offer you a lot more than “only a postcard idyll”. In fact there are eight districts, each of which having its own special charm. Wherever you go, Gaggenau does everything for you to feel comfortable from the very beginning.

Whether you are an inhabitant or a visitor, join us and start your personal city tour through Gaggenau.

Discover our Gaggenau

Our city is the perfect place to live for families of all ages. Here you can find everything which ensures a high quality of life, such as a relaxing living in the country, a wide range of schools and further education, exciting workplaces and a variety of leisure activities. There is also an optimal offer for the older generation: Gaggenau has diverse institutions for senior-friendly living and wonderful spa gardens with a health and thermal bath.

Our guests are also attracted by a wide range of excursion destinations and nature experiences. In order to open Gaggenau for the future our mayor and the city council continuously improve our city. The numerous private initiatives which get involved for the benefit of our citizens play also an important role in our city.

Our districts – an individual community

Since 1971 more and more adjacent villages have been incorporated in the city. Today they form the eight districts, each of which having maintained their own independent identity. A journey through the districts will clearly show you the differences.

The development of Gaggenau goes on. In many districts fancy new city areas are built which prove the popularity of our city. Living in our districts means getting embedded in an intact village community which is often characterized by a distinctive spirit of community.