Refreshing variety

With its five public baths Gaggenau is a true Eldorado for all water fans. The grand variety of public baths, which is quite impressive compared to the town’s size, emphasizes both the high quality of life and the importance of leisure activities in Gaggenau. With its mineral hot springs “Rotherma”, which are even known across country borders, and the biggest natural bath in Southern Germany, the “Waldseebad”, Gaggenau can offer you two exceptional baths of high quality.

In case the weather is not so good or it is not warm enough, you can go to the modern “Murganabad” where you can enjoy swimming throughout the whole year. It can be reached fast because of its ideal location directly in the city center.

Pay also a visit to the other baths in Gaggenau, the “Kuppelsteinbad Ottenau” and the “Freibad Sulzbach”. Both are operated by swimming pool associations with a high voluntary commitment which can especially be noticed in the creative programs they offer. Such commitment is well received by our locals and our foreign visitors.

In the “Rotherma” bath you can find a wide range of services including hot springs, a sauna world and a wellness area which impresses not only health resort patients. Enjoy an extraordinary sauna fun in an area of over 5000 m2 with a rock sauna, an ice cave and an impressive world of salt.

The “Waldseebad” is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and is the biggest natural bath in Southern Germany with a water surface of 4,500 sm and a sunbathing area of 15,000 sm – and it even has chlorine-free water! No wonder that it attracts a lot of townsmen and townswomen as well as guests from near and far in summer.

Das Foto zeigt den Badebetrieb im Schwimmbecken des Murgana
As the only indoor swimming pool in Gaggenau the “Murganabad”, which is located directly in the city center, guarantees a lot of bathing fun all over the year. Read more
Kuppelsteinbad Ottenau
The privately operated outdoor swimming pool offers a lot of attractions for young and old water lovers thanks to the commitment of the association “Kuppelsteinbad”. Read more
Freibad Sulzbach
The family-friendly outdoor swimming pool offers its visitors three different pools: one for swimmers, one for non-swimmers and a paddling pool for babies. Read more